Safe Step® Pro Plus Ice Melter - 50 lb. Bag

Safe Step® Pro Plus Ice Melter - 50 lb. Bag


  • The convenience of high-visibility crystals, combined with a powerful magnesium chloride/sodium chloride mix, make this an efficient, affordable ice melt.
  • Blue dye added to visually aid in application
  • Melts ice and snow down to -7° F/-21° C
  • Formerly Safe Step Pro Series 370 Econoblend Blue
50 lb. Bag, ea
Alternate #56370
  • Pickup Only. Please call for more information 1-800-828-9920
Pack: 49/SK

Safer alternative to Rock Salt that fits within limited budget.

Blue color crystals, easy-to-see for even applications. Won't stain carpets or floors. Economical and effective; melts ice down to -7° F. Ideal for large application areas. Contains a corrosion inhibitor. 67% less corrosive on metal than rock salt.

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