Square Scrub EBG-20C Surface Preparation w/Removable Weights

Square Scrub EBG-20C Surface Preparation w/Removable Weights

Item # SQS-EBG-20/C

  • Pivoting head for balance contact and easier control. Re-designed sleek 7 gauge stainless steel base.
  • 14 x 20 Pad Size. 1.5 HP, 3450 RPM, overload protection
  • 9.0 amp draw under normal operating conditions
  • 50' safety yellow cord with hospital grade lighted plug
Alternate #EBG-20C-PIVOT
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The new floating design allows the head to have near perfect front to back and side to side weight distribution. Near perfect weight distribution allows the entire pad to make equal contact with the floor, allowing equal distribution of the work across the entire pad. This machine has the ability to dry scrub several layers of finish off the floor without water or chemicals involved. This green process should reduce slip and fall accidents for both workers and occupants.


  • This machine uses the 3M SQP floor preparation pad which allows this product to be considered "planet friendly" and this new method of floor preparation can eliminate up to 95% of your chemical stripping needs.
  • Since most of the Square Scrub's process is completed dry and can be cleaned up with a dry vacuum, little water is used, therefore following the "green" stamp of approval. Using less water not only means helping this planet, but also making less trips to
  • Two light, damp rinses are all that are needed with this process.
  • At only 73 DB, operators of this machine will be able to work throughout the day and not bother any surrounding occupants of the structure being worked on. This will allow extra time for more coats of finish to be laid if needed.
  • Very easy to use and quick to learn. A new operator of the machine can become proficient within minutes instead of the hours a conventional rotary floor machine would take to become acquainted with.
  • This square design allows an operator to get very close to the edges and corners of flooring without the unpleasant physical hand methods of doodle bugging and blade scraping of edges. This also reduces the strain on the folks who do this type of work an
  • The Square Scrub can prepare up to 1600 square feet of flooring an hour in normal conditions with an experienced operator.


  • Pad Size: 14" x 20"
  • Frame: Powder coated 10 gauge steel, heavy duty frame construction
  • Wheels: 6" x 2" non-marking transport wheels with heavy duty 3/4" solid steel axel and roller bearings for easy rolling.
  • Handle: Powder coated 12 gauge steel with padded handgrips for operator comfort featuring a unique slide pinch handle locking mechanism.
  • Weight: 156 lbs
  • Noise Level: Less than 73 dba